Its a legal requirement that every vehicle on road be insured and most of us would be aware of it.The cost of insurance varies due to various factors such as a driver`s age, engine size etc and it gets really tiresome trying to get a reasonable quote with so much competition in the market.

At TM UK Trading Ltd, we can help you with this. We can offer you our service to help you choose the best quote amongst various insurance companies with whom we have tie ups with. There would be some terms and conditions which will be provided to you when you apply with us.

Following are the Car Insurance We Recommend:


1."Haven Insurance"

Contact Number: 0345 092 0704

2."Headway Insurance"

Contact Number: 020 7408 0888



 1."Mark Richard Insurance Broker"

Working specaially for Japanese Imported Cars. 

Contact Number: 01275 792270

2."Adrian Flux Import Car Insurance"

Contact Number: 0800 089 0045

3."Bell Insurance (Japanese Car Insurance)"

Contact Number: 0333 220 2008

We Recommend Other Car Insurance as well: 

4. Sky Insurance (Japanese Car Insurance)

5. Keith Michaels PLC (Japanese Import Car Insurance)

6. Accorn Insurance (Cheap Japanese Car Insurance)

7. Performance Direct (Japanese Car Insurance)

8. Academy Insurance Services ( Import Car Insurance)

9. AJ Insurance Service (Imported Cars Insurance)

10. CrowThrone Insurance Services Ltd.

For Any Other Details About Insurance Or Anything, Contact Us.